Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Steps to configure Start Team Client 2008 with Eclipse Europa, Ganymede or Galileo

If you are using Star Team as version control and Eclipse as IDE, probably you would like to configure Star team plugin in your Eclipse to make your life easier. If you intend to do so, you may follow the steps below:


  1. Open eclipse
  2. Click on Help > Software updates > Find & Install
  3. Click on new site
  4. Enter “Star Team” as site name and provide URL as “http://altd.borland.com/update/eclipse3.3/site.xml“ for Eclipse Europa and "http://altd.borland.com/update/eclipse3.4/site.xml" for Eclipse Ganymede or Eclipse Galileo.
  5. From list of available modules, select Star Team Client related option.
  6. Click on install buttons in subsequent screens.
  7. Restart the eclipse IDE

Configuration of repository:

  1. Start eclipse IDE
  2. Click on Window > Open Perspective > Others
  3. Select Star team classic view
  4. Go to Server Explorer view
  5. Click on the icon to add new repository in the top to create new repository connection
  6. Provide information as below
    1. Server Description : Any Description
    2. Server Address: IP address of the Star Team Server
    3. TCP/IP endpoint: Port of the Star Team Server e.g. 49201
  1. Provide your star team user id/password in credential fields
  2. Click on finish


  1. Start eclipse IDE
  2. Click on Window > Open Perspective > Others
  3. Select Star team activity view
  4. Browse through the required folder in server repository
  5. Select source folders
  6. Right click and select “Export as project”
  7. Once the projects are checked out in the workspace, we can right click the folders and select synchronize
  8. At this point, you will be able to perform all version control operation through eclipse itself based on your privileges.
This completes all the steps and removes the hassle in all version control activities e.g. check-out, check-in, merge and synchronize. Above and all, this all can be done using the development IDE (eclipse).

NOTE: Please review license terms and conditions and proceed only when you agree them.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It makes my life easier.

  2. Hi Yogendra,

    When I tried to checkout from StarTeam using eclipse plugin, it is taking lot of time. Atleast half an hour more than if I do it directly from StarTeam. Please help me with this. I am new to this development environment.

  3. this is excellent and useful to very one while installing the start team plug in in eclipse